Today in the city Green Forest 23.01.2019

German Journalist Accused of Setting Up Fake Charity Donated Money to Aid Group

An aid group said it received a donation from a German journalist accused of setting up a fake charity operation for children he invented for a falsified article.

ATT's first 5G speed tests look uninspiring

AT&T's Netgear Nighthawk 5G hotspot, the first consumer mobile 5G device, has been on the market for about a week now, but it's hard to find any evidence that anyone's using itOne post on Reddit s...

The world's first no-kill eggs have gone on sale after scientists found a way to determine a chick's sex before it hatches

Billions of male chicks are killed each year because they are not used to produce eggs or meat. German scientists have found a way to determine the sex of a chick while it is still an embryo. The new...

Renowned Chef Mauro Colagreco On Partnering With Four Seasons For His First U.S. Restaurant

Argentine-born, French-based chef Mauro Colagreco of Mirazur, one of the most critically-acclaimed restaurants in the world, discusses his just-opened (and very first) American restaurant, Florie’s at...

Arbikie Launches First Scottish Rye Whisky In 100 Years

The Highland Rye Single Grain Scotch Whisky is the first of a new generation of Scottish rye whiskies.

Why red and green are the colors of Christmas

The evolution of red and green as Christmas colors is a convoluted story. According to Arielle Eckstut, the coauthor of "The Secret Language of Color," both nature and Coca-Cola had a hand in shaping...

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